Delta Delta Delta

Beta Tau Chapter Chapter at Baylor University

Letter from Recruitment Team

Dear Potential New Member,

We are thrilled you are participating in recruitment at Baylor University and will have the chance to meet the many outstanding women of Delta Delta Delta. You may be wondering, as many of our members once did, "What will I find in ∆∆∆? What makes these girls special? And is this the sisterhood for me?" We hope you've found some answers by looking around our website and meeting our members on campus. But let us give you the inside scoop! 

Lasting Friendships. Our members say that their sisters and the bonds they share are the best part of being a Tri Delta. Our motto is “let us steadfastly love one another.” This is a saying that we truly build our foundation on and it is at the core of our chapter. When you surround yourself with people as amazing and encouraging as the women in our chapter, you are easily transformed. The friendships you make are not only lasting, but also life changing. These are the kind of friendships that help mold you into the best version of yourself. The women in Baylor Tri Delta are each other’s forever friends. We believe in standing next to and supporting our sisters on their happiest days and even on their not-so-happy days. After all, the bond of Tri Delta Sisterhood is strong and never broken.

Laughter. Our members love to have fun! We like to spend time together during All-University Sing practices in the spring, intramural sports like volleyball, bowling, canoe races, and flag football, and our formal events in both the fall and the spring. We find laughter and happiness in all that we do. Each of these events, in addition to many more, are chances to make unforgettable memories with our amazing sisters. 

Leadership. The members of our chapter are valued for their individual qualities and characteristics. There are many opportunities for a member to serve her chapter in a leadership position. You may find opportunities to serve as the Activities Chair by planning events and functions for the chapter. You can serve as a Discipleship Chair, as a Licensing Chair, as a Sing Chair, as a Philanthropy Chair, or even as the President of our chapter. With over 33 available officer positions, there is a place for you to step into leadership as a Tri Delta. We select members into our chapter with the hopes that they will embody the same passion for Baylor Tri Delta and, one day, lead our chapter.

Loving Service. At Baylor, we are immensely passionate about our national philanthropy, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital located in Memphis, Tennessee. Our chapter at Baylor gives back to St. Jude through our two All-University events; Gameday in the fall and Delta Night Live in the spring. Our chapter also gets the chance to visit the hospital each year to see our donations actually changing the lives of the patients. This past year, we were ranked #1 out of all the Tri Delta chapters in Texas and #5 in the nation for collecting donations. We also offer opportunities to serve in our local community in Waco, Texas by helping at Campus Kitchens and volunteering at the local continuing care retirement community called St. Catherine’s. 

Academics. The women of Baylor Tri Delta are known across campus for their academic excellence, and our chapter has had the highest GPA of the Panhellenic sororities for over twenty years. 

Life in our chapter is filled with purpose and love. We look forward to getting to know you, and encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to meet our members. Times for our SUB dinners and open houses can be found on the Panhellenic Facebook page.


2018 Recruitment Team