Officer Contact Page

President: Katherine Eddins (

VP of Operations: Peyton Dietze (

VP of Chapter Programming and Development: Katie Picha (

VP of Community Relations: Halle Kill (

VP of Membership Experience: Aubrey Condon (

Director of Social Events: Hannah Dryden (

Director of Philanthropy: Grace Barr (

Diversity & Inclusion Chair: Peria Poorshaygen (

Director of Public Relations and Marketing: Logan Rainey (

Licensing Chair: Alex Welch (

Director of Recruitment Events: Taylor Neimer (

Director of Member Selection: Katie Jurkowski (

Assistant Member Selection Chair: Naya Noffsker (

Assistant Membership Experience Chair: Grace Moore (

Director of First Year Experience: Caroline Crocker (

Asst. Director of First Year Experience: Katie Threet (

Director of Lifetime Membership: Kristen Li (

Director of Member Finances: Lauren Dudley (

Director of Financial Operations: Ginger Gordon (

Director of Facility Operations: Jordan Schier (

Director of Administration: Elena McGown (


Intramural Chairs: Teresa Moorhead & Ashley Bickham ( &

Chapter Correspondent: Candace Luong (

Director of Academic Excellence: Jaycie Moore (

Director of Risk Management and Wellness: Abby Irwin (

Director of Ceremonies and Ritual: Victoria Rhodes (

Sing Chair: Alex Jacobsen (

DNL Chair: Sarah Allen (

Sponsor Chair: Sarah Thames (

Alumnae Relations Chair: Mary Watson Vergnolle (

Sister Connect Chair: Olivia Stahl (

Discipleship Chair: Julia Bramlage (

Local Service Chair: Anna Shipcott (

Family Connections Chair: Sarah Grace Shaw (

Banner Chair: Nicole Biloune (

Music Chair: Julia Williams (