Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Tri Delta is committed to being brave, bold, and kind to all individuals and creating an inclusive and equitable community within our chapters. 


Here is our commitment and anchor for all of our commitments regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, access, & belonging:

Anchored in our Purpose, Tri Delta centers diversity, equity, inclusion, access and belonging, as foundational elements of our members’ lifelong journey of development and growth. Inspired by our Ritual, we honor the uniqueness of each of our members, encouraging them to better their best, always, and to act as catalysts for change in the communities they serve.


As the Beta Tau chapter at Baylor University, we have and are continuing to develop initiatives to help educate our members and equip them to be advocates and allies in their communities. The work is never done when it comes to dismantling stereotypes, biases, and injustices. 


Here’s what we’ve been up to:


1. Updated Legacy Policy

 For celebratory purposes only, a legacy is defined as a potential new member who is a daughter, step-daughter, sister or step-sister, granddaughter or step-granddaughter, or niece of a Tri Delta member. There is no longer a legacy definition as it relates to the recruitment process.


2. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, & Belonging Board and Committee

We have established a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, & Belonging Board and Committee, each consisting of members from all member classes. This board and committee will be focused on putting on educational programming and providing educational resources for members to access. 


3. We are currently establishing a database of minority owned businesses in Waco. Check back for this soon!


We know that these steps are small, and are only the beginning of change in our chapter. The members of Beta Tau are committed to cultivating positive change within the communities around us.