Sisters Helping Sisters

We are Sisters Helping Sisters. 

Tri Delta’s Foundation raises funds to provide transformational programs, scholarships and emergency financial support to empower our sisters for a lifetime. 

“Everywhere I turned, I found unwavering support. My sisters are there to support me, no matter what. Even when you’re experiencing the hardest of times, Tri Delta is there to make sure you have what you need to be successful.” —Nicole Ho, Carnegie Mellon 

Tri Delta’s Foundation invests in women. We are the only organization that connects our nearly 250,000 members with ways to empower collegiate and alumnae women through transformational programs, scholarships and emergency financial support.  

Tri Delta’s Foundation is 100% supported by the donations of Tri Delta sisters and friends. 

Your sisters need you. Now, more than ever, scholarships and emergency financial support makes an enormous difference in the lives of our sisters.  
Invest in Tri Delta’s members. You know the impact your collegiate experience had on you, and how it shaped your life for your future. Ensure the same for future Tri Deltas.  

Give back to Tri Delta. Our sisterhood means so much to so many. Help keep Tri Delta strong enough to continue to spread her influence abroad. 

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